Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Monster Baby

One Saturday morning, Mr. Oliver padded to the door of his farmhouse to fetch the newspaper. But instead of the news, he found a basket covered with a blanket that seemed to be wiggling.

This is no ordinary baby... it is a monster baby. A baby who grows up crazy fast.
A baby who is loved.

A baby who becomes a grown up in a few days.

We loved this book since we have a baby who grew up far too quickly in our house. One day she was an infant... the next a toddler. She doesn't have a hairy body, or horns, or a tail... but she sure has amazed us with her antics.

You will be amazed by Monster Baby's antics and be thrilled to find out who he meets at the end.

Monster Baby by Dian Curtis Regan. Pictures by Doug Cushman


Z-Kids said...

Great monsters!

Elizabeth said...

Lovely. I love your way of life, so organic and rich!