Monday, July 20, 2009

Edwardo the Horriblest Boy in the World

Edwardo was an ordinary boy. He would get up in the morning, get dressed, have his breakfast, go to school, play games, eat his supper, and go to bed. Sometimes Edwardo would kick things.

And so begins the story of Edwardo. A normal boy who sometimes did naughty things- and then became labeled a horrible boy. He starts living up to his label.

Don't we all know boys and girls like this?

But what happens when someone says thank you to him. When someone assumes he is being nice?

Here's Izie's favorite part.

Edwardo threw water on a dog to be mean and live up to his reputation. But someone assumes he is trying to wash the dog and all of a sudden....

the horrible boy starts becoming a nice boy.

A terrific read. Especially when you feel the need to sit back and give someone who is really testing your limits a bit of compassion.

Edwardo the Horriblest Boy in the World by John Burningham

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Stick liked to do things on his own... all by himself.

JT: Stick is a little frog that likes to do things alone. My favorite picture is the picture of the guy riding the motorcycle.

Izie: Stick sticks to a dragon fly and the dragon fly flies away. My favorite part is at the end when Stick turns really light. (Guess what he swallows!)
Stick gets carried away and goes through the forest, a cat tries to get him, he goes through a ladies house, a dog barks at him and he falls from the dragon fly only to continue his adventures on other moving things.

The story is mostly told in pictures - hilarious pictures- with very few words.

Stick, words and pictures by Steve Breen