Tuesday, March 31, 2009


JT (8 yrs old) : My favorite part of the book is when they climb up the mountain and find the giant rock formation that looks like a thumb. I drew these two pictures because I liked all the facts about yellow spotted lizards and I liked the descriptions of the warden's cabin.

how to be

A monkey...

Imitate someone.

So I did. I found this wonderful website http://bookiewoogie.blogspot.com/

that inspired me.

The dad in said website reviews one children's book each Monday with his three kids. The kids create accompanying artwork.

Like him, our family has tons and tons of picture books. Enough to do a review each week for years.

Inspired by bookie woogie, my boys and I (and baby girl too!) would like to review one book a week and create some sort of art for the book. Today's book is....

How to Be by Lisa Brown.

How to be a bear.

Catch fish with your hands

Be Brave

Lisa Brown takes 6 animals and shows us how to be like them. In the end, she shows us how to take the best of each animal and be a person. And to be yourself.

It's funny and sweet.

Baby Girl showed us how to be a lion: crawl around the grasslands and roar when you need something.

JT said.....How to be a spider: build a web. How to be a frog: catch flies (fly balls that is!)

Izie said....How to be a gorilla: shake your body (while hula hooping of course!)

What animal can you be like? I hope to be faithful like an elephant and post one children's book review each week. Can you hold me to it?