Monday, August 24, 2009

Louis Sachar

We are currently in love with Louis Sachar (again.. of course we loved Holes)

This time it is Marvin Redpost. We can not get enough of this red-haired middle kid. He's sweet, he's funny, and his adventures are just true-enough to have us rooting, laughing, and sighing along with him.

Here are some pictures of Marvin's nail-biting ride down Suicide Hill from the book Super Fast and Out of Control.
What we love is that Louis Sachar does not talk down to kids. He writes about things real kids might feel and he doesn't really sugar-coat it.
I just finished reading his "Dogs Don't Tell Jokes". This is not a Marvin Redpost book and after pre-reading it I think it is a book I'd rather read aloud with my third grader so we can talk about the issues it presents. But it is a terrific book! All about a junior high boy who has no friends and gets picked on.... and your heart just bleeds for the guy.

Next up is "There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom" Also by Mr. Sachar.

(And... now that we've taken a month break from this site (unintentionally), we plan to be back weekly again)

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